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Patio Door

How do I determine what size I need for my patio door?

The best way is to measure the mounting space available on both the door frame and jamb (or wall to which the door closes).  In other words, simply add the total amount of space on each surface that can be used for mounting the latch.

So if the door frame had an inch and a half (1.5")and the the jamb was two inches (2") wide, the total amount of usable space would be three and 1/2 inches (3.5").

Make sure you do not include the space where the glass is inset.  Also, each mounting casting is about an inch wide so you should have at least an inch on each surface to use. The following guide will help:

Mounting Space Available
(Total, 2 Surfaces)

Engert Patio Door Security Latch
2 and 3/4 inches minimum (2.75") #4 SDL - Extra Narrow
3 and 1/4 inches minimum (3.25") #5 SDL - Narrow
3 and 3/4 inches minimum (3.75") #10 SDL - Medium
5 inches or more (5" +) #20 SDL - Wide

These requirements are based on "corner-mount" applications (see picture below). If you are in doubt about how much space you have in terms of the minimum dimensions required, it is best to go to the next smallest size, if applicable (click the photo to enlarge).


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